About us

A  B  O  U  T    U  S

Phormd ltd, is an Essex, UK based cutting edge architectural visualisation company; producing high quality CGI’s, photomontages and architectural visualisations for all sectors of the architectural and building development community. We produce visualisations that presents our client’s schemes in the best possible light; adding tangible value to interactive presentations, planning submissions and marketing literature.

We have built a reputation for reliably producing high quality computer generated images and animations in short timescales through evolved workflows, hard work and our commitment to investment in the latest technologies.

We have produced architectural visualisations, photomontages & CGI’s throughout the UK; including London, Chelmsford, Southend-On-Sea and Gloucestershire . We have also been involved in projects around the globe working on projects in places such as the USA , Spain, Sweden and France.

Our images are the result of the dialogues and interaction that we have with our clients. We take a pro-active approach in getting our clients involved throughout the production process. In what is still a relatively new industry, our team and it’s collective experience allows us to react positively to requests from our clients for new and innovative ways of presentation.